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Royal Experience – Event organizer business has been struck by COVID-19 and all of the events are canceled? What do you do? Lehari- Owner of the business thought of digitalizing all of it.. Did it work?

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Yes, it worked! Meet Hybridity

Hybridity is a COVID-19 safe and cost-effective virtual event platform, developed in Estonia with in collaboration with top IT- and Event marketing companies. From formal conferences to entertaining events – it’s tested, it works!


Ninja Solutions (B2B)

Web | SEO | Social Media | Concept

They built a platform which allows you to open all doors via installing a software to your building that can control even elevators! A new secure way to move around without touching anything.

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Success story

We started by mobilizing our forces and created a platform where to distribute their message. Built a fully-working website and developed different messages for different target groups. Helped them to organize their first livestream and concepts for the social media.

Ninja Solutions (B2C)

Web | SEO | Social Media | Concept

Every product needs a brand. Whether it is a global business or local coffee shop. How to do you build a brand that opens stuff via. app from your smartphone? You make it cool to use!

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Branding and concept

We needed a story and we needed it fast. So we used their own office building and instructed on filming the whole story with a really small budget(with Iphone X) due to our campaign phase was still in development and only needed testing. This video is the result of few days and I think we did really good job on managing the testing budget.

Jõulutunnel 2019 

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Charity event that was aired in Estonia and we helped them to build and develop a website for all of the generous helpers that wanted to donate towards helping children get therapies and a new way of life.

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Charity event

We designed, developed and integrated a payment system and website. Many of the people also donated by calling and SMS. Together, we managed to collect over 450k EUR towards the goal which was 750k for their new safe-house for children that need psyhcological treatment from experiences that are heartbreaking.

Rööparalli Kuldmuna 2020

Social Media

We are happy being part of such an amazing social media serial that was aired on Kanal2, estonian mainstream TV-channel. We helped Vurr Digital to develop and distribute content over social media.

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8-series TV and social show by Vurr

Vurr Digital is a social media company that is literally our next door neighbour… in the same building… same floor… They are really awesome. We joined forces to distribute produced content more efficiently. We created a marketing strategy that reached over 250k unique people in a country that has 1.3 million citizens. I think we did well with a very limited budget due to unexpected production costs that really affected our distribution methods and planned strategy. We learned that even if you plan out everything perfectly, there still will be unexpected problems that need fixing. Luckily we have a really good mindset, fast reaction time and problem solving skills to achieve any goal.

Kuldmuna 2020 painting

Concept | Production

Our local advertising community decided on doing something unique that catches peoples attention. We thought of a concept for a social media campaign that had to relate with their event “Creativity Unites”

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Painting of "Mona Lisa" Digiscope style

We had 8 hours and had to film at 5 different locations. Each seperated by few kilometers and the concept was that every single location was a marketing agency in some nieche and they had to paint, something on topic of “Creativity Unites”. Starting as the first one was our own Creative Union agency – Kontuur Leo Burnet who draw the core concept of the painting as a representation of their unique name which translates from estonian to english as “contour”. Rest of the agencies had similar thinking towards solving the same task. Everybody had a really wonderful time and there were smiles all over. One of our favourite projects for sure.

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