R&D new markets

Applied research for funding

For enterprises that are expanding to new internationally competitive markets

Expand and strenghten your businesses. Innovation in communication requires digitalization. Experimental proof of concept for your new prototype product or service.

CVC component strategy for growth in relevant environments

Agile & International Digital Expansion

Agile & International Digital Expansion

Innovative Global Expansion During 2020 Crisis That Fabricated Impactful Success To Estonia Hybridity by Globalvirtualsolutions.eu: The first impact of Hybridity events series created lots of noise across Europe through some of the recent high-end events. The...

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Parallel processing new growth ambitions

Through our CVC-strategy which stands for connected-value-components we can innovate new products. Testing new digital platforms, providing instant feedback and helping you to focus on growing your business. Products & services can be verified quickly. Investments generate new data that can be used to gain more awareness. Attention demands viable solutions, going digital in year 2020 requires a well-thought strategy and innovative workforce. Interested of digital innovation?

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Innovative communication for lauching new products / services

Digital communication allows global marketing. Constraining launch to limited audience is smart if testing out new topics. Marketing strategies should be planned ahead for several countries to attract as much attention as possible. Testing different cultures can bring variety of different results. Therefore it is important to monetize your digital channels before looking for new investors, distributors or sales partners. Through capitilizing digital platforms one can test selling the product. It is crucial to test sales before thinking of scaling. We can help you think things through!

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Digital innovation is introducing products and services to people and places where given new solutions have not been heard of before

Innovation in communication requires knowing your target group. Critical speed of information sharing is important. News outlets that come out with new stories often fight over who is first. If you can adapt your infomation sharing speed on your business with the same speed, it will improve company’s branding as innovative, agile and fresh.

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Media strategies for export markets

Define your target group. Which channels to prioritize and when? Value is created when new technology meets its audience. When managing sales and product development teams there is need for communicating new value. Often times summarizing general strategies in info media channels helps to build awereness towards the common goal which is to monetize new content for new incomes. A good strategy will have both internal and external communication plan in order and ready for distribution.

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LinkedIn and social media communication to attract and inform stakeholders

Stakeholders are often engaged with development, management and sales teams. To make sure everyone is on the same page and expect the same value output there is a need to communicate progress, advancments or similiar positive news to keep everyone engaged and happy.

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Every new product needs a website

Whether a product or service – There is quaranteed that you need some form of information already setup to introduce it to stakeholders, investors, partners etc  It would be wize to digitalize core business concept – sharing it online. This way one could test its product placement and run test campaigns to improve business models and viability before making long-term investments on communcation strategies and strategy implementation plans.

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Applied research programs

Research partners for branding and agile communication and experimentation

Example of branding a new product. Importance of conceptualizing a brand. Tell a proper longterm story!


Connected Value Component areas in Digiscope work process

When doing things, we keep our eye on the following interrelated disciplines


Research and Development (R&D)

We support clients in wording their specific product and service features, so they can attract customers.

Growing awereness

We help to increase awareness in digital channels. Helping customers reach to higher market share through monetizing and developing digital channels.


Intellectual property

We help to develop client’s digital assets: develop design, user experience, CVI, brandbook, news coverage, product releases and merges.

Tone of voice / Culture

We help to define tone of voice, so that your customers will welcome you!

CVC Mapping

Rating our value components helps us to create and keep together clean strategies, understandable to many partners in the value creation. Path to digital effectiveness.

Monetization, Sales

We are targeting to sell via multichannel approach. Sales means changing the created value for money. We can create the value.

We are supporting

Companies require assistance on digital expertise. Working together brings many new opportunities, we believe in working together.

PR Agencies

Digitalize press conferences, News, ads etc. Helping hand to your PR-agency so you can succeed digitally.

Event Agencies

Physical events turned into digital. Send out invitations, RSVP-s and ask feedback from participants.

Ad Agencies

Strategies for different audiences. Multi-channel sales focus and digital marketing monetization.

Startups and innovative new companies

We can help you build new brands and digital sales solutions. Ask for a strategic funnel.

Digital leap

Ready to make real change?

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