Security / Development / Maintenance

Project inspiration came from the historic backround of the building. As it was a cotton processing plant for a century. As the main target was to maintain the historic backround, we also designed the website accordingly. Using thin lines that we animated using Javascript. We visited the physical building to get the corresponding emotional feeling and transferred it to digital world to maintain the history.





What is a brand book and why your brand should have it as well?

Our Mission

We worked as a UX/UI designer and front-end developer. Our role in this project was to do research, branding, lo-fi & hi-fi wireframing, planning for animations and do front-end development using html, CSS (SCSS) and JS.

The deliverables include: Website branding assets, Icons, UI design in Figma, Design language and style guides, Front-end development.


Inspiration from physical site and the history behind the building. Physical world was transferred to the digital to maintain it forever. We used red-orange colours to represent the brick colours and bring in acctual colours of the site.