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Eolane is a manufacturing company that produces electronic parts. We visited the physical site to get familiar with the business. Our goal was to create a website that could be used to attract new workers to the industry and help sales team to get new customers. Their clients are across the world, so we had to design it accordingly, showcasing ISO certificates to demonstrate credibility, professional way of doing things and the same times give a brief of overview of the devices and people that surround the environment.





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Our Mission

Help Eolane get new business and workforce. Update their business online appearance to attract new customers. To create a responsive website that could be distributed internationally. To make people proud that they are working there.  


Used blue and light colours to represent the on-site feeling. As everyone on the manufacturing area had to wear white coats to keep the area as sterile as possible. Website had to look professional and without any oversupplied design features to keep it minimal and clean.