Online is forever – Do you care about making real progress?

juuli 21, 2020 | General

Ever wondered how many thoughts are just thoughts that are never fulfilled? What could be measured as success online?

You should invest into generating traffic even when it is just for a brief amount of time. Here are some thoughts why you need to step up your SEO content production and distribution.


“Fundamentally we are drawn to things and experiences that are familiar to us.”

We certainly don’t trust online offers and messages that are proactive towards immediate transaction – whether it is a product or a service… We still need to verify random proposals by measuring the offered value in our heads first. If it comes down to the basic level of exchanging value for worth – then we could agree on the fact that people pay for the value that they believe is worthy of exchange.
Commodities like grain, metal, ores, coal etc. are certainly consumed in our everyday lives, yet we don’t pay attention to the details as we are so used to buying gas from the same stations. Commodities are usually not branded directly. Commodities are just offered by branded franchises that are trustworthy and affordable. We often buy same drinks from the local corner store… Same food from our favorite restaurants and we even wear the same brands that we feel the most connected to. We are generally loyal as consumers. Sometimes by forces that are not in our control or sometimes just by habits that were developed by our subconscious and conscious repetitive actions. Therefore we could state something like:

“Convenience is the key to the hearts of finding regular customers.”

Building a brand is difficult yet rewarding – That’s for sure! Especially when you build your product around comfort, ease of use, happiness, gratitude and mutual loyalty and benefits. We often get what we agree to pay for. If buyer conditions are not met, then it often comes to negotiation skills.

But how do you negotiate with a customer without a direct communication? There’s a certain need to assert your products as viable and competitive. If our services are not the same or better than our competitors, yet our prices are cheaper – Does it mean we could decide for sure that we gain or lose a customer?

When does it really come to price of a product when we are equally offering the same service with the product line? Is it even worth a discussion when it comes to prices when we are met with same service skills, prices and other basic criteria?

It depends on the value of the exchange. If it is a commodity. Then often we choose the brand who gives us the best prices due to the fact that everyone are offering the same solution to the same problem. For example we usually choose the gas station who offers us the best prices. Yet we still see many different stations that leverage lower cost of gas in order to attract more customers and their business model is actually built around customer loyalty and their additional purchases that they are doing during the initial thought of which was just pumping up some gas.

There are many criteria when it comes to choosing the perfect gas station. Whether it is location or a price. It usually is the defining factor of our choices. Logically we choose the closest and cheapest one. But then we see a new gas station next to our favorite one it makes everything more interesting as there is a possibility of a better transaction. Whether it’s a free coffee, car wash or something even better and we are willing to try something new that could potentially be of more value, we surely tend to give in to the temptations.

Why not? There’s nothing to lose because the old station is not going anywhere. Or at least we like to think that way until the old station in bankrupt due to the new one establishing its value more effectively and puts the older one out of business. We might never know.

This story could end in many different ways:


1. We try out the new station and decide to visit it even more because of the emotional satisfaction that is provided us. It still has to be substantially better in order to convert us effectively. If it is only a little better we just might keep on using the old station because of our routine and habits are relatable to the brand. We might not like something new, even when on paper it is better in most criteria. Ever wonder why is that so?

2. We try out the new station and it wont mean anything emotionally, yet we decide to use the new one just because we had a bad experience with the older one and our emotional “wounds” are not treated. That means nobody is asking us whether we like using the service or we have any thoughts on improving the current situation as the old gas station is used to being a monopoly in the small region.

There are many ways of communication. Try to implement the gas station logic to your products and services and try to think critically whether your customer base is actually loyal because they are happy with your services or they are just using the service due to no other service being around?

What if you are a local mechanic and you don’t communicate with your target audience? You even don’t have a website or worse… you don’t have social media accounts to share your generated value over time which can definitely be amplified with built credibility from the past. If there is a possibility, one should always try to achieve more by creating more content, as this is something that is gets you attention and builds your brand.

What if people are actually looking for a new mechanic and they don’t find one just because the owner decided it’s not worth the energy to invest into something abstract and indirect ways of generating new wealth?

Like a website for example that could provide you with new leads.
We all are constantly looking for new experiences and new ways of connecting with good brands that are identifying with us emotionally and logically. Don’t try to invent something crazy, because it often just comes down to building and telling basic stuff.

Just put it out there if you are a small business owner. You never know whose attention are you getting.