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aug. 8, 2020 | Agile growth

Innovative Global Expansion During 2020 Crisis That Fabricated Impactful Success To Estonia

Hybridity by The first impact of Hybridity events series created lots of noise across Europe through some of the recent high-end events. The determination of Royal Experience(Estonia) that built trustworthiness into minds of many European thought-leaders, politicians, ministers, presidents, academics, teachers, famous artists and more. Hybridity digitalized many historic events – Live!

Hybridity connected thousands of people in time of distance and disconnection. Amongst all, even uniting the nation and bringing new hope, happiness and joy during the most difficult times in their lives. The events that Hybridity had administrated are beyond their usual activities. Through emotional year 2020 they started something new and achieved their ambitious plan to launch globally.
Almost accepting defeat and losing all hope… They still found strength to remember that we get lost only when we forget why we started in the first place. The initiative had major success, now launching with their partners a branch in New York.

“We always come through difficult times with our partners and customers.”

 Intro: People at Hybridity by Global Virtual Solutions:

“Accepting defeat and closing our business indefinitely and saying goodbye to the very people behind the success of many famous brands and companies is not an option.”

“How do we explain our people that now amongst all the years of our existence – during the hardest time in the history of event managements and new restrictions: Is now the most successful marketing alliance now giving up all hope?

Having to face the difficulties between taking the path we were destined to or wait for handouts and hope for the best.

“Choosing between sitting at home and waiting for the storm to pass. Or to gather our strength, the smart minds of our humble agencies and thrive towards the unknown to conquer the terrible and destructive “storm” that forced us all to our knees.”

The new beginning by Lehari Kaustel

Gathered their strength in times of lost hope that resulted with something new and something better. Hybridity – by Global Virtual Solutions is now creating “magic” every day.

Becoming the most effective and proudest marketing company of our nation. Events like these are unique and pure. Organizers of the event management team are amazing people and passionate about giving back to communities. Sharing ideas via digital solutions is cost-effective and gives us the opportunity to broadcast messages across wider audiences.
Lehari Kaustel – The man who brought Estonian people together under the historic Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. 2500 choir singers were connected via digital solutions that were harmonically heard singing by thousands of people online.

    Hundreds of people gathered around the stage with cars for the first time in history of Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. Truly a moment that is remembered by Estonian nation for years to come – Uniting estonian people amongst difficult times

    Take a moment to appreciate all the participants and organizers. The video is available on facebook:


    Click here

    People that tuned in from online, all the positive comments and heartwarming emotions. The team is thankful of the love they received. One of the project managers from the team Mari-Liis Eha, stays humble and responds with gratitude and a huge smile: “We  feel very special, we are just very happy to be part of it, we love it!”- when we asked about how does it feel to be part of such an historic and special event?
    The event goes down as the most heartwarming event that Hybridity team has yet produced according to the hundreds of comments made on Facebook during the livestream.

    The event truly was something special and inspirational. Especially when you had the opportunity to be physically present and listen to the choir conducted by Aarne Saluveer, sung in by Ivo Linna and the band.

    Hybridity team has produced many other events in addition to the historic singing at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds: “UN LessonsForPeace”, “HITSA”, “Education Nation”, “Estonian academy of security”, “My life’s calling” and more.

     Hybridity was developed as a cost-effective virtual event platform for managing events online during Corona epidemic. Events all over the world were canceled for an unknown period and Lehari Kaustels team initiated the new conference and entertaining event model. With their service platform one could still hold meetings, entertaining events, virtual conferences, workshops, engaging webinars and more. One event could hold up to 8 speakers at the same time, 100+ vip quests tuning in with Ipads that speakers could see and engage with anytime. There’s multiple ways for hosting an event on small or large scale. Depending on the format one could even hold a concert online and plan out live Q&A with the viewers online.


    Read more from their website

    “What will be taking place on Sunday is a very special moment. We will put our digital competence truly to the test and see if we can come together and do what we have always done best in difficult times.”

    – Lehari Kaustel

    (Hybridity manager

      Safety first! Providing highest quality production across the globe


      The concept has existed online for a while now, but there are not many providers who have the technical setup and skills to organize events large scale. Competent event management team is absolutely necessary. “We sometimes have as much as 50 people organizing large scale events.” Says Lehari Kaustel.

      Technical setups often are provided with dedicated internet service providers with back-up servers that also have back-ups. Everything online can be accessed and manipulated by other users for example by simple DDOS attacks. There are lots of risks when you hold a large-scale event where everything has to run like clockwork. Time is limited and attention of online viewers has to be constantly engaging or people lose interest and leave. Platform service providers are focusing on the best quality at all times.

      Hybridity is COVID-19 safe and cost-effective virtual event platform, developed in collaboration with top IT- and Event Marketing companies. From formal conferences to entertaining events – it’s tested, it works!

      See for yourself what could be done with Online events:

      Event website platforms and ads

      Before every event there’s a save-the-date marketing campaign that is built personally around the launch date. Competent web developers can build campaign landing pages overnight / If needed and wellthought. Planning out and sending invites to the hundreds of attendees. Automating an event invitations is important. Invites have to go out right on time, this means we have to count in factors when people come to their workstations, when they leave their tables, when do they go for a lunch and come back, is it day-time working routine or night-time. Office work or on the field. All of the information is important as they want to include as many people and considering timing messages is crucial every detail is useful. Usually we could expect that the first invitation is delivered to 99% of the attendees and usually 50-60% of them open the invitation and read it through. Segmenting the people that have already registered and resending only to people who haven’t opened the invitation is customary. We don’t want to spam people that have already made their decision, whether they registered or canceled it.

      If there is even a small diversion or confusion during the purchasing process then its hard to get those back to buying the seat if they are not particularly interested in the event anymore. There’s a unwritten rule online that goes: “Preparation process of the event reflects the quality of the whole event.” It is important to notice that we all are just regular people that don’t have much expectations. Exceeding ones expectations is doing just a little more than we think. It could be as simple as personalized gifts, packages before/during the event. We all like to feel special and it goes the same with organizing and marketing events to attendees.

      “Branding is about delivering on a promise.”

      Rainis Vares:

      “The website was built within a week and is now RANK 1 in Google search when it comes to keywords and services like contactless hybridity solution or contactless virtual events.”
      Branded commnunication & PR – Agile new markets
      -Rainis Vares (Digiscope Media CEO)

      Digital marketing is a tool that belongs to every professional event managers arsenal

      Depending on the skills of the advertisers one could see additional interest to events that are being held. Same goes to every other digital communcation platform message distribution strategies.

       This means additional revenue can be developed if providing more valuable content during launching. 

      If the goal is to achieve as much ticket sales as possible then all of the ads could be optimized towards the desired goal. If the goal is to reach to as many relevant people as possible or reach to unique audiences that usually are overlooked then digital ads and social platforms provide the perfect opportunity to reach wider audiences. It is recommended to implement all the specific ads and goals to analytical systems as well to get information regarding interest, desire, action and conversions. Digital platforms could all be measured and this data helps to plan future new events. Especially if it is a regular event that is held locally and one of the goals is for example to increase annual attendees.

      Digiscope Media created a website for the Hybridity team in less than a week. Working hard through weekends finalized: It was built on a new domain and within a few days the website wireframe was in place. It also ranks number 1 in Google as a Hybrid virtual event provider by now! The concept or the sales pitch for the web is a fundamental start to any website and also for events and managing any information online. Core concept needs to be verified by all of the organizers as this is the information and strategy that all is built around on. Some of the events are spontaneous and need to be set-up within in a week and this is something Digiscope Media is used to and delivers. Additionally to building the website there’s often need for optimizing the website for Google sites, social media channels and more. People that don’t know about public events should still find it using indirect ways like scrolling around social media, reading the news, watching a podcast related to the event or even events near users.

      Promoting global reach for Hybridity by

      All of us have been in a situation where we struggle our way out. Fortunately Digiscope Media partnered with us and showed how to expand out of Estonia to reach global markets. It was a leap that would not have been possible without the digital performance that we were provided with. During the development of our services they adapted very fast and reacted to our suggestions that would bring us more positive feedback online.
      Reaching global markets requires discipline and agile thinking. We could’ve missed many of our opportunities if we couldn’t show our services on the right time and to the right markets.” – Lehari Kaustel (Hybridity manager)

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